Friday, October 26, 2007


i've been seeing all these statistics about violent sexual assault, increases is transferring sexual diseases, collateral crime associated with the status quo like drugs and other petty crimes and it seems to me the socially responsible thing to do is to legalize it and tax it.

this works in europe so why not here in washington, dc?

i think it would be wonderful to have it in ward 3 in the glover park neighborhood along wisconsin avenue nw near the vespa dealer. valet parking is a must particularly in that neighborhood with the high profile clientele that would utilize these services. imagine the stream of thugs in escalades and diplomatic limousines impacting the neighborhood. think of the money generated for DC taxpayers relief. the reduction in crime over all. reduce the spread of diseases and fluff up that area of wisconsin avenue. bill clinton is already living on east whitehaven so he could use the existing indian path that cuts through glover park to west whitehaven.

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