Tuesday, February 26, 2008


my older sister francesca reports this, a political upset: a Democrat won in the 48th NY Senate district (52% to 47%), even though theRepublican managed to get the Independent party line by shady legal maneuvers...it's the first time in over a century that the seat for this district has gone to a Democrat. Senate majority leader Bruno sees his control of the Senate waning....he now has a 1 seat majority (32-30) and if the Dems manage to keep theseats that they won from the GOP in the last few years, the Republicans have 3 seats where Democrats vastly out number Republicans (2 in Nassau Co., 1 inNYC) and the long-time Republican incumbents barely held on last time...the Dems only need one of the seats to make it 31-31 and Bruno loses his job.

thanks francesca, you're a star.

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