Wednesday, March 05, 2008


if obama is nominated, after losing the election he will have 4 years to figure out how to win a big state. thanks god for the caucus states, they put him over the top.

and one of my all time favorite disco hits:

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Anonymous said...

Sen. Obama collected most of his his delegate not only in caucus states where most of the attendees have all the time in the world (students and people on welfare, rather than hard-working Americans), but also in southern states that the Democrats have not carried in a general election in over 30 years (and don't have a chance of carrying in the next 50)...if by a remote chance, Barack wins the presidency, it would be an abomination (or an Obama nation, you can spell it either way), since so far he has been unable to carry most of the large Democratic and battleground states.

Ima Mutha-Fokker