Sunday, March 16, 2008


did he lie about when we bombed nagasaki and hiroshima? did he lie when the roman catholic priest bulldozed into the rawanda church killing 1,500 people who's only crime were praying to their god? there are so many other instances where he's not far from the truth. but saying hillary's never been called a ni&&er is out of line. has obama ever been called a carpet muncher, a bull dike?

like i said a few weeks ago...the swiftboater will go after obama's preacher.

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Raina Hull said...

I don't think Obama is smart enough to appear in any program that is going to ask him hard questions, because he won't know how to answer (that is why he has avoided too many one-on-one debates with Sen. Clinton)...McCain will mop the floor with him in a debate; Hillary has been relatively mild in her debates with Barack, since they share quite a bit of the same philosophy...