Saturday, June 14, 2008


turbulent times in america coupled with cutting edge activism we celebrated the first anniversary of the stonewall riots when we marched from christopher and waverly up to central park. our friends who didnt march with us stayed inside their apartments and homes. many of the participants wore(still do) wear sunglasses for fear of being outed and other concerns(like your mother might see you or people from work) because back then many could be fired for being a homosexual. not in isolation, there were the acid takers, draft card burners and other activists. it became a gay pride event in the late 70's and then an excuse for t-shirt vendors and what it's become today. after marching in the first 3 parades it got a little boring. tonight i'll skip the local extravaganza and be thankful to all the ancestors who have come before me to advance the cause of liberty and justice equal under law.

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