Saturday, June 14, 2008


(thanks to my cousin andrea, president of french connection USA, for allowing me to borrow a brand tm for 5 minutes.)

well, well bye-bye tim russert. when i prayed for you to shut-up it wasn't intended permanently. what happened to you happens everyday. you are not royalty, although to many washington insiders you certainly are. you combined pain killers with pork fat for a prescription for the silent killer. perhaps if your wife didn't write such trashy things about people you would have lived a little longer. the truth is, your selfishness, grandiosity and the pro-war koolaid you consumed served by judy miller and louis libby contributed to your mortality.

enjoy hell because that's where you are.


Anonymous said...

Tim Russert's wife was an obvious syphiliac (literally, Syphilus was a shephard, who was a 'lover of pigs', and was punished by the Gods, that is where the name syphilis came from); now she'll be a hopeful necrophiliac. I opened a bottle of Chateau Margeaux 1982 to celebrate the fact that there is one less Nazi pig in the world.

Anonymous said...

Either Maureen Orth was a lesbian or Tim Russert was gay, since after 25 years of marriage, they only whad one son, and the Catholic Church to which Tim was so devoted wants everyone to have lots of children...maybe he could not get an erection with any rate, the should bring Tim's father ("Big Russ", who is a retired sanitation man) back for a last job: to dispose of the final remains of that human garbage, Tim Russert

Anonymous said...

Did not know the man, nor was a fan because I did not approve of his interview techniques. Reminded me of Billy & Seany over @ Foxnews.