Sunday, July 20, 2008


they operate with their own set of rules and are not courteous. they are smug and have a narcisistic superiority complex(character flaw). they will cut infront of you, not signal intentions like any civilized person might. they run red lights. this morning i was stopped at a no turn on red light and the bike nazi started screaming: "NO TURN ON RED, NO TURN ON RED" i said, 'HEY FCUKIN' IDIOT, DID YOU FCUKIN' SEE ME TURN?"

the lady that got hit by the garbage truck at conneticut and R was also talking on the phone while riding her bike through the busy intersection. was she asking for trouble or was so completly selfabsorbed that she failed to realize where she was?


Anonymous said...

As I walked out of the church door on 7/13, a bike nazi skidded to avoid crashing into me while I was still on the sidewalk. There was very little room with parking meters and manhole covers on the sidewalk already, and there was a clear bicycle path. There were also children standing on the corner waiting to cross the street. The bike nazi shouted, "Shkoinking Shkoinkhole!" at me even though shim was clearly at fault. I said, "God bless you. Watch out for the children," to which shim replied, "Same to you Bashkoink!" while the children were looking at shim with their innocent eyes. If only shim had assaulted me, I could have nabbed shim for attempted robbery because I was carrying the morning's offering to the bank across the street. This was the last straw and proves once and for all that the super sentient alien that wants to be known an "god" does not care about the puny humons it allows to inflict karma-free pain on others. So I didn't go to church on 7/20.

Anonymous said...

You were assaulted. It becomes battery if they touch you.