Wednesday, July 02, 2008


last night i ran into the neighbor who's just completed gutting and condo converting an M street townhouse and carriage house. he's created 7 units of housing. he took me through the carriage house. the smallest is just incredible. for $299,000. you can buy and half assed and poorly designed unit in the carriage house which is a total of 660 sqft. the bathroom is almost as big as the combo living room/bed room. the kitchen is so small you can't open the cabinet door and the refrigerator at the same time. the dude's relative occupies one floor and ALL the other units are vacant. who in their right mind will buy a place like this? btw, the stairways are all 30 inches wide....a challenge for any movers.

no, i am not jealous. it amazes me what people will charge for crap and expect people to purchase it.

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