Thursday, May 11, 2006

401 m street nw garbage heap drama

for several months we've been seeing this drama unfolding. this building has been in decline for years. the current owner spray painted the nice brick corner house with chinese glossy red spray paint. in case you dont know i take a short walk each morning about 7 30 am because getting out earlier really isnt safe until 7 or so. i've been following this confusion down on the corner semi-regularly. there was a dumpster in back that has been filled to overflow capacity since before earth day last month. yesterday i noticed the dumpster and the porti-john were removed. but all the trash IS STILL THERE. said to myself WTF is going on? then i see this street transexual hooker on top of the heap. LOL. i swear to God i'm not making this up. long story short, the neighbors are on the case and sick situations like this are bringing neighbors together.

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