Thursday, April 26, 2007


Q. you know that door across the street from FunFair adult video arcade that says women's shelter? what's the deal with that place? i always see dirty old men coming out of there, regular party.

A. cum mon! LOL

also in that building is the world famous metropolitan club. they have open AA and NA meetings continually.

i have seen the door(woman's shelter) you speak of with some white lettering on the door. but i dont really monitor who goes in and out or what they look like. there isnt much for me on either side of the block so i just get threw there as quickly as possible. when i walk downtown via 5th i walk on the west side because i dont like being propositioned by the hookers infront of funfair video and they folks hanging out infront of the AA club have always been nice to me. but going on the funfair side isn't how i want to live my life.

i encourage all the social workers in the neighborhood to go and help the colored tv's at 4th and L...they need it alot more than the downlow male hookers in front of funfair video.

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