Wednesday, April 04, 2007


awakening happy this morning, my usual optimistic self, when i heard on imus what keith richards said/did regarding mixing his fathers cremation with cocaine is STILL making me LOL.
it's no secret to many of you that i'm a psychic so last week i was trolling Utube for a keith richards specific number and couldnt find a quality, here's the best i found at the time:

and speaking of cremation dust, here's a local business(in historic downtown rockville) that charges slightly over 150 dollars to cremate family members :-)


farmboyz said...

that was a wonderful little story about Divine that you added to the comments on Joemygod. 1979! It's when I fell in love with Ptown. I miss it very much.
Your deovted Farmboy T (C never really liked it there which is why we sold our house. Martyrdom for love...)

blame said...

that was a wonderful era for Divi. i got to know alot of the john waters-baltimore group in provincetown. they were so funny, real and nice.
you remember the driveway at the pilgrim house? could only back out...that's how she ended up in the window! LOL.