Wednesday, April 25, 2007


all indoor plants are now outside in shade locations. the sun is HOT.

the basil seeds are sprouting as are all the other seedlings...

the geraniums arrive on thursday.

all eyes are on the flower beds around the scott montgomery school. the gardners up there HAVE GOT IT GOIN ON! i haven't forgotten the bamboo stakes fellas.

the georgetown house tour is this weekend.

finally, a day off.


si said...

my mom & I just went to a plant propagation class at the botanical garden. I am SO going to try and root a rose! This weekend is for digging in the dirt.

I'll be sure to check out your flora when i walk by...

richard said...

it's amazing, we're so lucky here. the rose #ush has 10 buds already.

si said...

heres a freaky thing she told us to do. take a new stem thats close to the ground, scrape a small section and touch it to the ground, weigh it with a rock, and supposedly itll grow new roots!

hehe you almost said it...hey what color is it?