Saturday, September 15, 2007


ok, after this clip they'll be no more Joan Sutherland for awhile. This however is a MUST. recorded live you can hear the 250 lb soprano walk down the painted pine steps. luckily for her she didn't fall through. having said that, this clip is just excellent sound and voice is crystal clear. the music is light and gay. two arias...the second aria is familiar to you.... just listen to he instrument and you'll hear one of the all time best:

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the queen said...

thank you dear, that was fabulous. beautiful e flat. dame joan was one of my fav's when i was listening to opera in my teens. everybody else was listening to the beatles but i listened to joan. her art of the prima donna is one of her best albums but my favorite is command performance, she was truly spectacular in everything she did. brava!