Thursday, September 06, 2007


new york avenue/north capitol

blame the motorcycle driver but we know what goes on at Big Ben and across the street at the methadone clinic. is it any wonder that tourists entering town get a nasty first impression when they approach the lights at north capitol street they hit a wall of drug addicts and other substance abusers? who can blame them for making sure their doors are locked and you have a full tank of gas because there is no stopping or getting out of your car until you reach virginia.

from the this morning:

An elderly man in a wheelchair died Sunday after he rolled into traffic and was struck by a motorcycle, a police source told The Examiner. The man, whose name wasn’t released publicly, apparently tried to beat the motorcyclist, who was in the oncoming lanes near the intersection of New York and North Capitol streets. The motorcyclist was driving slowly but couldn’t stop in time and struck and killed the man, the police source said. – Bill Myers

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