Sunday, September 30, 2007

PILLOW 1990-2007 RIP

this afternoon at 5 pm my dear cat Pillow was euthanized. this spunky, orange short hair was a real sweet cat and mean only to strays, raccoons, bugs and mice. she is survived by her son Henry, another sweetie. :-)

tomorrow Pillow's remains will be cremated at Heavenly Days in Rockville after which she'll be home with us and we'll have a party in her honor.

please don't think i'm upset or crying like an andrew sullivan would in this situation. 17 years is a great run for a cat! :-)

1 comment:

si said...

A very great run indeed. condolences darlin...

p.s. i saw La Sullivan on 19th street the other day bitching on his cell about his "fucking editor" all in a snit. I got out of the way lest he mow me down with his bike.