Saturday, November 10, 2007


just received word from my older(much) sister Francesca, that our friend and former neighbor Norman Mailer is dead. yes, deader than a doornail. for years a sunburned olive green Citroen sat parked on the street in front of 565 commercial street, a the wood frame waterfront house, like a familiar marker to guide a stumbler home and where i first met beverly bentley and norman. the shack we rented came with deeded provincetown beach rights and had no idea who lived in the house around the corner. there were the wild, loud happy drinking parties which i always managed to leave before the fights broke out. after the divorce, he married norris and purchased the huge brick waterfront property that joe hirschorn had built for lily harmon. big enough for his mother, sons stephen, michael and the new family to be added on to too. we moved from a rental on duncan lane to another on allerton street at about the same time not knowing that we'd continue sharing the same town beach. we happened to be two similar yet different creative, liberal American families. suspended from the ceiling on their small back porch was a standard naugahyde black everlast punching bag which was more of a joke than it was actually spared with. they converted the garage into an income unit and rented it out to roy cohn whom we got to know for a few season until God called his servant to heaven. roy was a real american angel and could get great tickets to the hottest shows in a second. dayum we miss him.

i'll post more comments later but these are 1st recollections.

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