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on the worthington line

RICHARD AREY (RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1640 in Edgartown(5,6), and died February 14, 1688/89 in Edgartown(7). He married SARAH MARCHANT Abt. 1677 in Edgartown(8,9), daughter of JOHN MARCHANT* and SARAH _____. She was born 1661 in Yarmouth, Mass.(10), and died January 1728/29 in Edgartown. School was held in the Arey household in 1687. This according to the Martha's Vineyard Historian and C. E. Banks: The History of Martha's Vineyard. Constable: 1678, Constable11; Juror: 1677, Edgartown11; Juror 2: 1679, Edgartown11; Proprietor and Town Agent: Bet. 1687 - 1689, Edgartown11; Townsman: Bet. 1679 - 1680, Edgartown11. To ensure Sarah Marchant, is given proper credit, it should be noted that she was the mother of two prominent, early, Martha's Vineyard families. First the, "Arey" family which has survived throughout the generations to current times and second the, "Harlock" family which died out in it's fifth generation, due to the fact that Thomas Harlock 111, had four daughters and no male heirs.

PJM-MChildren of RICHARD AREY and SARAH MARCHANT are:3. JOHN AREY, b. October 03, 1677, Edgartown; d. Bef. 1724, Edgartown.4. JEAN OR JOAN AREY, b. 1679, Edgartown; d. 1726, Edgartown.5. RICHARD AREY, b. July 03, 1682, Edgartown; d. March 02, 1736/37, Truro, Mass..6. SARAH AREY, b. 1684, Edgartown; d. March 17, 1733/34.7. SAMUEL AREY, b. Abt. 1686, Edgartown; d. Aft. 1742, Eastham, Mass.6. SARAH AREY (RICHARD3, RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1684 in Edgartown39, and died March 17, 1733/34. She married NATHAN LEWES / LEWIS August 24, 1705 in Edgartown39, son of THOMAS LEWES/LEWIS and MARY DAVIS. He was born July 26, 1678 in Mass. Note: Nathan and Sarah were married by, Mr. Russell.Children of SARAH AREY and NATHAN LEWIS are:i. HANNAH LEWIS, b. February 13, 1705/06, Mass..ii. DANIEL LEWIS, b. June 24, 1708, Mass..iii. MARY LEWIS, b. September 11, 1710, Mass..iv. SARAH LEWIS, b. June 24, 1713, Mass..v. NATHAN LEWIS, b. October 29, 1715, GEORGE LEWIS, b. March 18, 1718/19, Mass..

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