Sunday, November 04, 2007


ok, last night we all received an email via blackberry from AC Groomes. she's like we are, relentless. apparently some foreigner went postal inside the strip club in upper georgetown just across the ravine from dick cheney and bill clinton's house. the dude got so crazed he left the club and returned with a can of gasoline and splashed it on an employee, fired a match at the employee and burned him bad. jesus, my friends over there have told be tales of the neighborhood and the mix of strip bars and illegal massage parlors but this is getting out of hand.

and next week georgetown hosts colgate for their final game of the season. this from the internet:

"Georgetown University stands on the precipice of the school's first 10-loss season in 120 years of football on the Hilltop, following a 37-34 triple overtime loss to Marist College."

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