Wednesday, April 09, 2008


wtf is going on with the presidents emotions? yesterday he was blatting like a baby and today he's talking about AA. is he out of his mind? i believe he's suffering from depression because his presidency is an unraveling failure. his father cried alot too. oh brother. maybe W didnt like hearing senator finegold tell general betrayus that osama is winning the war with the USA because the war is bankrupting the economy and causing the economic crisis.

or maybe he's crying because he wants to attend the opening of the olympics in china and is being pressured to stay home. he is like a crying king.

the more i think about the dalai lama the more i hate him.

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Anonymous said...

Crocodiles shed shed tears not because they feel sorry for their victims but so they can swallow the dead flesh better (somehow it helps lubricate big chuncks of meat...)

C.D. Bush