Friday, April 25, 2008


i'm always happy when people get off. oh did i say that wrong? well, the police were found innocent. is that a crime?. oj simpson was found innocent of murder charges too. was there racial drama when that happened? well yeah, obama supporters were jumpin up and down like they just won the powerball 50 million dollars.

yesterday on the bus a drunk black guy got on and started screaming about being a proud black man and if blacks dont support obama they are chained slaves to whitey. the gay black bus driver pull the coach over and asked the guy if he wanted to be escorted off the bus if he continued. he quieted down for a block or two but then he started up again after a black passenger pulled out his blackberry device. the driver asked the drunk obama supporter to leave at the next stop or he'd call the cops, the drunk got off the bus without incident and everyone thanked the bus driver.

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Anonymous said...

The Rev. Al Sharpton says no justice was done, and I say so, too...he's an honoralble man..

Tawana Faux Brawley