Friday, February 09, 2007


well, it's Mardi Gras Ball weekend in DC. we're all headed over to the Washington Hilton Towers on Connecticut for some beads, gumbo and french bread. imagine all the lobbying goin on when you have a bunch of louisiana politicians gathering in our nations capitol. they rebuilt europe after world war 2 faster than washington, dc after the riots. lets hope the failure of washington, dc isn't duplicated in new orleans. after the riots of '68 we had a thing called "urban renewal". massive areas of the city were bulldozed and razed. neighborhoods destroyed and obliterated. much of the housing stock before the riots had no indoor plumbing. so, developers teamed with social engineers to create new communities. we still have some of those robert moses inspired slums remaining and currently they are incubators for the gang culture. oh and lets not forget the greedy social service "providers" who have profited greatly by feeding the addicts and junkies on the corners. let's pray that the same bloodsuckers do not win in new orleans and make a mess of that place like they've done to this area of town.

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