Sunday, February 25, 2007


Shaw was named for a white general who lead a black regiment(the 54th) from massachusetts during the civil war.

lillian gordon is an artist. like many artists, in some circles she gets no respect. but it's ok because with her because being different is natural. I'm still searching for the video link to the segment of news4 about the Howard Theater. it will go: HERE.

and thanks to Howard University President Swygart and ward 1 councilmember jim graham for their contributions in the visioning of the greater Howard community. while at the University of Albany(NY) swagart helped in the revitization of downtown Albany and while here has lead the way in Ledroit Park, Bloomingdale and now the Florida Avenue/U Street/Cardoza.

and to hide yamagishi...congratulations! you have the best hair in the fitness industry! :-)

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si said...

no dance moves but here is her speech at the event..