Thursday, January 03, 2008


tonight i'm on drugs, tylenol PM for a slight cold. i dont take drugs during the day so i feel like s*it right now. i'm watching MSNBC and all the talking heads. andrea greenspan critiquing senator edwards corporate greed campaign theme...maybe a drink would help my big headache. this iowa caucus is so boring. i feel like throwing a shoe at the tv. ok, i'll mute the volume and just read the tv vote displays and cut all the crap from the know-it-all commentators. i know... have dinner crash and get up at 5 AM for more caucus analysis. i'm sorry for being a bigger bitch tonight than i normally am.

oh i got invited to the mcginnis party at The Front Page in Ballston saturday night. madame called personally and how could i say no to such a sweetie. the guest of honor is a real Grateful Dead Deadhead so it will be a colorful and cheery event. i feel the drug kicking in. sinuses drying out slightly. maybe sex is the answer. lol

brb for the iowa caucus

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Charles Walker said...

Whenever you watch presidential campaign coverage on the TV, listen for discussion of actual issues. Usually, you won't hear it. You will hear about which candidate is up or down in the polls, which candidate seemed testy in this or that "debate", this or that candidate's "faith", etc.

It's no wonder that people feel so disconnected from the government in this country.

In better functioning democracies such as are found in most of Europe and in Canada, elections tend to be about the competing ideas of the political parties.

It's our national myth that the U.S. is the premier democracy in the world. We are the premier military power, but as a functioning democracy we are really rather pathetic, I'm afraid.