Friday, January 04, 2008


secret to survival is to keep the tv on mute. silly me turned on morning joe and when tim russert came on i realized that going postal on the tv solves nothing. just shut the volume off so your thinking isn't influenced by the asses doing assessments. tim russert is the WORST OFFENDER. what a big blowhard. i can't stand his wife either, she writes trash that makes kitty kelly reads like a pulitzer prizer. they're both disgusting people.

yes i'm feeling much better, thank you very much :-)

it was great to see our neighbor mrs albright on stage behind hillary.

*UPDATE mrs russert was caught going through arianna huffingtons trash at midnight when she was collecting info on them for a book. then she duplicated a book(the one authored by the recovering alcoholic diane dimond) on michael jackson that had nothing new.

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