Monday, June 12, 2006

gay/lesbian democrats drink the cropp koolaid

the surprise was the slim margin of victory. you gotta wonder what's up with the when 62% of those member voting support a candidate who doesnt support gay marriage. please dont give me the HRC equality bumper sticker. the turn-out was mostly annie's restaurant types. bad dye jobs. mostly white gay 50 yr old men.mostly gov employees. lots of board and commission members. plenty of polyester blend clothes, the fashion police would have had a field day and not many creative types. it took 2 ballots. not a good sign for a candidate who's been in elected office for 30 years to fail on the first ballot. stacked deck. could be the titanic. stay tuned.

michael brown said some weird stuff about what he saw in Dupont circle bars after the march. vincent orange was too late to pitch to the crowd. marie johns and adrian fenty got fewer votes than i would have expected given that they support marriage equality and mrs cropp is opposed.

sharon ambrose looked out to lunch. marie johns had the best fashion going on. and richard, marie johns son was absolutely precious endorsing his mother. that was the best.

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