Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stonewall Inn: a customers rememberance

we were not present when the queens in sheridan square park told the cops to go fuck themselves. the stonewall inn was a typical mafia run club. the air conditioning wasnt working good, lots of people on acid or high on pot. the lighting in the joint was blacklight. some old man in his thirties was working the door. the windows were boarded up and painted black. funny when we go back now and see it all cleaned up with a historic plaque. oh there were the trailer trucks where you could go for some action down along west street, and the abandoned piers. there was a coffee house down on the corner and i met some fabulous street queens there. a friendly chatty bunch. very antimated and theatrical. lots of laughs. holly woodlawn was one of queens names i remember. this was before the andy warhol movie gave her 30 minutes of fame. oh there were little gay clubs all over the village. the pink teacup, the silverdollar were all there before ty's and bra's and girdles. i'll write about the mineshaft, the anvil and the everard baths another time. LOL. but back then all the little bars had backrooms where you could go and get fondled or get off. that was amazing. a real sexual revolution. oh and i must mention the goldbug on west 4th street. that was motherbar.

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